During the 1940's and 50's, a new concept in lubrication was evolving, that of dry, permanent lubrication.
The exceptional properties of Molybdenum Disulphide enabled engineers not only to coat the surface of a metal with a durable lubricant, but also to protect the surface from scuffing and wear.
During the 1960's, the first MoS2 oil supplements were introduced to the market. They quickly proved a valuable supplement to the motor oils available at the time, providing not only better fuel consumption for the average motorist, but also a reassuring safety net in the event of oil loss. His love of travel led the Baron into the establishment of a worldwide network of agents and distributors which cemented the basis for the modern Molyslip international organisation.
The increasing popularity of Molybdenum Disulphide was complemented by the launch of a new concept in automotive and industrial chemicals...that of the anti-seize compound. Metal parts which need to be dismantled at some stage need protection from fusion, and this was now possible with the introduction of Copaslip (often misspelled as copperslip or coppaslip). It quickly became the generic term for an anti-seize and is used by manufacturers of cars, trucks and all forms of engine from lawn mowers to ships.
Molyslip continues to expand and develop its range of specialist compounds and greases for use in all sectors of industry, particularly in metal-working, food and beverage production and packaging, and precision engineering.
The company aims to offer products which reduce downtime, increase efficiency and prolong the life of expensive items of capital equipment, thereby saving users time and money.