Flexible Urethane products FLEXANE

FLEXANE repair products are all flexible, urethane resin based materials, available in range of liquid and putty like
products and systems.
In liquid form they are castable, non-shrink compounds for producing new, custom or discontinued rubber
parts and flexible moulds.
In putty form they may be used to repair worn or damaged rubber equipment, to form protective
coatings as linings in extremely abrasive environments or for repairs subject to wear, impact, vibration and movement.

FLEXANE products bond to metal, rubber, concrete, fibreglass, wood and many other materials.
They are all easily applied by trowel, brush or gun and cure quickly to form a hard to medium hard "rubber-like" compound with exceptional tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Hardness(Shore A)
  Dry Service
Temp (Max °C) 
  Mix Ratio
(By Weight) 
FLEXANE LIQUID 60            65         82         30     1.67:1
FLEXANE LIQUID 80            87         82          30      3.33:
FLEXANE LIQUID 94            97         82         10     2.19:1
FLEXANE GP PUTTY             87         82         25     2.52:1
FLEXANE HP BRUSHABLE            86         82         45     4.55:1
CABLE CAST FR (Flame retardant)            88         82         10       1.7:1
GFR 40 (Flame Retardant)            50         82         20       7.7:1
T-40 Edge and Seal            93         177          7         4:1