Dispensing equipment

Specially developed application guns for dispensing the devcon products that are supplied in cartridges.

Static mixing nozzles for mixing DEVCON two component products supplied in cartridges,directly on application from the gun.

 ProductUsing Code 
For Cartridge 50 ml  20015
 DISPENSING GUN 200 mlFor Cartridge 200 ml 14281
 DISPENSING GUN 400 mlFor Cartridge 400 ml   20020
 STATIC MIXING NOZZLE MA 6.3-12For Cartridge 50 ml  29991
 STATIC MIXING NOZZLE MA 6.3-21For 1 Minute Epoxy,50 ml  14283
 STATIC MIXING NOZZLE MA 10-18For Cartridges 200 and 400 ml  29999
 STATIC MIXING NOZZLE MC 8-18For Flexane 15067