With the help of FIXEL HARDFACING products we protect the machines and equipment against abrasion and impact.
   Our wear and abrasion applications:
 Hammer crusher rotor discs hardfacing  
 As a results of various tests the proper hardfacing products was choosed which ensure the protection efficiency equal
 to original manufacturer hardfacing.
 Wet shale oil screwconveyer hardfacing
 Hardfacing products in combination with wear resistance polymers doubled running time of the screws.
 Thermosleeves hardfacing. 
 Our tests with thermosleeves hardfacing gave the customer 4-times longer running period. 
 Rock mass overloading chute
 Normally the chute is manufactured from HARDOX 400 10 mm plates, which runs 12 months till replacement.
 The chute was hardfaced with FIXEL ABR 101 and FIXEL IMP 113 products.
 Right picture shows chute conditions after 3 months of opertaion.
 We are following chute condition monitoring.
 Wet ash mixer scrapers 
 In july 2017 we have hardfaced the scrapers of wet ash mixer.
 Customers problem - quick wear of the scrapers.
 Right picture shows scraper condition after 6 weeks of 24 hrs mixer operation.
 We are following scrapers conditions monitoring.  
  SMAG drilling machine screws.
  In july 2017 we have hardfaced SMAG drilling machine screws with FIXEL ABR 101 and FIXEL tung 131 products.
  Customer requires to increase screws running time.
  We are following screws conditions monitoring.