Wrap Seal Pipes Repair application:
1. Turn off or minimise pipe pressure.
2. Remove any paint, rust, any other contamination from the pipe. Roughen if possible repaired
3. Mix Seal Stic epoxy and push it to the damaged place.
4. Open Wrap Seal Tape and dip it in water for abt. 5 seconds. 
5. Wrap leak area of pipe with the Tape. Number of Tape Rolls and Tape Size depending of Pipe diameter look on
    the Wrap Seal package.           
6. Rub the Wrap Seal Tape in a twisting motion for another 10 seconds.     
Technical data:
Working time: 3-5 minutes at ambient temperatures 10-30°C
Cure time: 30 minutes at ambient temperatures 10-40°C
temperature Resistance: up to 200°C continious
                                           200-320°C intermittent
Pressure: up to 30 kg/sq.cm
Pipes materials: any metal, PVC, CPVC, Fibeglass, PE, PP 
Chemical resistance:good in contact with water,steam,solvents,acids,hydrocarbons,fuels,oils,gases,organic salts  
Tape Sizes:     5 х 180 см
                       7,5 х 270 см
                       10  х 360 см