The high technical demands on production machines in the food industry necessitate
high performance lubricants which are up to these requirements.
Therefore Bremer & Leguil Gmbh has developed a complete programme of synthetic food grade lubricants GERALYN which combine technical high performance properties and use only non-toxic and the purest of additves.

 Field of application for  GERALYN lubricants:

  • Beverage industry (breweries, mineral water industry, juice production etc)
  • Sausage and meat processing industry
  • Fish processing industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Bread, cake and pastries industry
  • Fruits and vegetables processing industry
  • Fodder concentrate industry
  • Tea, coffee and tobacco processing industry
  • Condiments industry (e.g.mayonnnaise, vinegar, mustard production)
  • Sweets industry ( chocolate, chewing gum, candy production)
  • Spice industry
  • Milk processing industry( e.g.diaries, butter and cheese production)
  • Salad dressing and nutrient fat industry
  • Containers (, plastic, fiber tubes, drums, metal cans and tins)
  • Pharmaceutacal industry.
          GERALYN products: